WARRIOR GYM:  Ages 3 - Adult

People from all over the country are racing to become the next ultimate ninja warrior! This challenging obstacle fitness trend has gained increasing popularity through the hit TV show “America Ninja Warrior” and is now available at Summit Warrior Gym right here in Somerset, PA! Summit Warrior Gym is the place in Somerset county to train for your shot to be on “America Ninja Warrior”,  to train in preparation for participating in mud run obstacle races, as crossfit training for other sports, or as a workout to increase your fitness level leading you to living a healthy lifestyle! From children’s classes and adult open gym time to individual training tailored to your particular goals, Summit Warrior Gym has something for all ages and skill levels. So challenge yourself on our obstacle course, Somerset’s ultimate ninja warrior training grounds -    Summit Warrior Gym! 

        TINY (AGES 3-5)
Our tiny warrior classes are designed for high energy boys! Courses, skills and obstacles are constantly changing to keep their interest and attention. We teach new warrior skills using cleverly designed obstacles or challenges that the children can grip, jump, climb and maneuver to build strength, coordination, agility and balance. The class and course design varies as the children progress.

This class is one hour long.

        LITTLE (AGES 6-7)        
Warriors at this age will learn to be mobile, agile and climb. The obstacles used for this age group will be adjusted for their size so they can feel successful and have fun in our warrior gym. The focus on this level is conditioning and getting familiar with the Warrior Gym obstacles. The goal is to be able to complete the obstacles consistently with proper technique.
This class is one hour long. 

     YOUTH (AGES 8-9)

These warriors will learn how to build upon the fundamental movement skills and challenge their personal bests. The students will be taught how to properly perform body weight based strength and conditioning workouts getting them prepared to take on a greater number and more difficult obstacles. The goal is to know how to approach a course in a way that allows them to think through every move while at a fast pace.
This class is one hour long. 
       JUNIOR (AGES 10-12)
Perseverance, determination, and hard work - that’s what it takes to train like a warrior. At this level, the students will be challenged with more advanced obstacle training as they progress throughout the program and gain greater strength and coordination. Obstacle technique and mastery will be the focus as well as learning to race through a circuit of obstacles working toward testing the limits of their abilities.

    YOUNG TEEN: (AGES 13-15)

 This class focuses on building a better warrior. At this age, it's not just about running a course; this series is a complete workout. The class focuses on lower body skills using obstacles that challenge balance, speed and power. It also works on the upper body skill obstacles that challenge strength. There will be sessions to help with strength and conditioning.

     TEEN: (AGES 16-17)

 This is an open gym time for fun, fitness, strength and conditioning workouts. Warriors will be able to focus on upper and lower body skills and challenges on a variety of different obstacles. The training will also focus on grip strength, coordination and explosiveness to increase overall fitness. This is a perfect crossfit program for those participating in other sports throughout the year. All teens in open gym will be required to do a walk through with the instructor for the first class to introduce you to the obstacles and to familiarize you with the gym rules regulations and safety procedures. 


 Open gym time: Open gym offers use of the gym with instructor assistance available on an as-needed basis. Our instructors are there with you to unsure the safety of participants and to offer pointers when you need them. Open gym gives you a laidback environment to train while introducing you to other people with similar interests and goals. All adults in open gym will be required to do a walk through with the instructor for the first class to introduce you to the obstacles and to familiarize you with the gym rules, regulations and safety procedures.