Tumbling: Ages 6 and up

Our tumbling program is designed for cheerleaders, dancers, jump ropers, and anyone wanting to learn how to just tumble on the floor rather than learn all aspects of a regular gymnastics class. We make sure every skill we teach is what you can use with your squad/team. If you have no tumbling skills now, we will help you get those skills and reach your goals! Our classes are broken down into three specific ability levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced with each level having a one hour class. All three levels focus on the priorities of safety and fun! So let's get tumbling!

Beginner: This level introduces students to tumbling and teaches the basic skills including forward and backward rolls, cartwheels up to bridge standup and kick overs. 
Intermediate: These students learn how to do front and back walkovers along with perfecting sills they have previously learned. We also begin to introduce the students to more difficult skills like handsprings and aerials. 
Advanced: This level is where we really perfect the skills that students already have as well as learn much more advanced skills like multiple back handsprings, flipping and twisting.