Tiny Tumble gym:  Ages  3-6


Our Tiny Tumble Gym programs provide a unique way for your child to have fun while learning

           Tiny Tumble Gym (Ages 3-5)

Our Tiny Tumble Gym program was created to stretch young children’s imaginations. This program helps to develop their physical capabilities though exciting gymnastics skills, gross motor development challenges, imaginative play, and participation in musical exploration. Our fun classes introduce a series of creative movement challenges and skills that stimulate enthusiasm as we encourage children to move in imaginative and creative ways. Our curriculum provides children with a positive learning experience though motivating, fun activities that build success and confidence. So, get ready for a phenomenal learning experience with this non-stop action packed class filled with fun.  This class is one hour long.

       KinderGym (Kindergarten) 

Our Kinder Gym program is the next step up from Tiny Tumble Gym. This program has the same fun elements as the Tiny Tumble Gym class, but is more structured when it comes to teaching the physical gymnastics skills. Our instructors will break every skill down for each child, so they can achieve success as they have fun learning. This class is one hour long.

       Advanced KinderGym (Kindergarten age)

This class is a step for children who are a bit more advanced in skill and physical ability and are ready to start moving on toward Beginner gymnastics level. This level will move on at a faster pace than Kinder Gym and children will have more class structure to progress in skills.