Recreational Gymnastics

1st Grade and up

Beginner Gym (1st grade and up)

Our beginner program is designed to be a more structured class for children. Learning the gymnastics skills is the main focus of each class along with fun. Our goal is to advance your child in gymnastics to the best of their ability. In our beginner class, we work on the basic foundational gymnastics skills and progress as the class is able to advance towards a competitive skill level. This class is one hour long.

Intermediate Gym (Instructor Evaluation & Approval)

Our Intermediate class program are for children that has accomplish all the basic foundational gymnastics skills and are progressing to the fundamental gymnastics skills needed to advance to a Pre Team Level.  At this level, our focus is on skill development and making sure all children will have fun as they learn the basic gymnastics skills needed for them to learn more advance gymnastics skills with very little difficulty. This class is a 1 & ½ hour long or 1 hour for 2 days.

Pre-Team (Instructor Evaluation & Approval)

Our Pre Team class program is our Advance gymnastics class level. At this level, the children have learned all the basics gymnastics skills and we will be focusing on more complex gymnastics skills. In order for the children be able to accomplish these skills, more strength and flexibility is needed. This program, focus on strength, flexibility and more complex gymnastics skills and also keeping everything fun.  This is where the children will learn how challenging gymnastics is.

Level 1

Our Level-1 gymnastics class is a stepping-stone to the competitive gymnastics team levels. Our program will focus on the same thing the children learned at the Pre Team Level, but now at a more intense level. The children will still have fun, but they will also learn the discipline that is needed for gymnastics in-order to advance on to the competition team Level.

Level 1 spends two days in the gym for one and half hours each day.