Summit Competition Team

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Summit Competition team is divided into two separate programs: 

Compulsory/Optional program and XCel Program. Each program has its own set of levels through which gymnasts can progress.

Summit Gymnastics is a member of USA Gymnastics and as such follows the routines, rules and regulations of the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program. All of our coaches are USAG certified.  



Xcel is a USAG sanctioned program designed as a broad-based, competitive alternative to the traditional compulsory/optional competitive program. Here at Summit Gymnastics, it is intended as a stepping stone between two levels for gymnasts not quite ready to move to the next level or those needing more individualized skill development before moving up in levels. This program is provided on an as-needed basis and is up to the coach's discretion. 

Xcel levels include:

Silver: Between levels 2 & 3

Gold: Between levels 4 & 5

Platinum: Between levels 6 & 7

Diamond: Between levels 8 & 10

      Compulsory:            Levels 2-5


These levels consist of basic and specific skills and routines the gymnasts must learn exactly. At each individual level, competing gymnasts must follow the same rules and regulations and perform the same routine with the same music as authorized by the USAG. These levels focus on starting with a strong foundation of gymnastics skills and continually perfecting skills and building on them to progress through the levels. 

Each level will progress from basic skills at levels 2 and 3 to more specific skills at levels 4 and 5. 

Once gymnasts have learned their level's routine, mastered it and performed it at competition with an all around score of 34, they are then eligible to move to the next level. 

         Optionals:              Levels 6-10


Optional team consists of gymnasts who have shown to be successful at learning routines, performing progressively more challenging skills and competed with success. At levels   6-10, gymnasts can use the skills with which they are most proficient to create routines unique to their individual personalities, personal style and talents. Playing to their strengths, gymnasts will learn to choreograph routines with the help of their coach. 

All optional gymnasts will follow the rules and regulations of the USAG Junior Olympic program with levels 8-10 also following the Federation of International Gymnastics (FIG) code of points rules. These rules, updated every 4 years in conjunction with the Olympics, is based on composition, difficulty and execution of reach routine.